UL / CUL-508a Listing

CSM Inc. was authorized by Underwriters Laboratories in 1992 to affix UL-508a labels to the products produced by its Control Panel Fabrication shop. UL File # E334725, Subscriber # 143290 have been assigned for our use.

This UL label, classified as UL-508a, when applied to an industrial Control System, is a symbol of Quality and Reliability, and also guarantees Compliance with NEC and NFPA standards as well as Safety standards.

The UL-508a mark indicates to you that all details of the integration of the components within this enclosure were done consistent with the manufacturers' specifications and that the interconnecting of these components meets or exceeds any other Code requirements.

CSM Inc. must perform the following on all panels prior to affixing the UL-508a sticker:

  • Each component is evaluated for compliance with UL, Safety and NEC / NFPA codes.
  • Each component must be approved for use in the application and for compatibility with other components in the system.
  • The proper Enclosure must be selected to insure that all environment considerations are met.
  • Circuit protection within the panel must be engineered for compliance with UL and safety beginning with the incoming power source and carrying through to the field devices that are energized by this system.
  • The Panel is engineered so as not to compromise any of the component ratings. Careful attention is paid regarding many areas of design such as component clearances, wire bending radius, conductor size and routing, ground fault, finger safety, heat buildup potentials, foreign voltage potentials and terminations to list just several of these considerations, all which must comply with UL specifications.
  • Affix information stickers such as fuse charts, incoming power ratings, circuit protection ratings, grounding information, etc., along with any required safety stickers.

Once all of the above requirements are met, CSM Inc. can affix the UL-508a label to the panel. An Industrial Control Panel with the UL-508a mark is accepted by building inspectors nation wide. CSM Inc. labels are dual rated and also bear the CUL mark, assuring the same approvals for panels to be used in Canada.